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When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Live Adventurously is a nomination-based scholarship program for individuals to participate in a backcountry wilderness adventure, trying new activities, stepping outside their comfort zones and building confidence through the great outdoors.

Participants are disconnected from technology, live off the grid by camping or backpacking in remote locations with little to no modern amenities. Special guests come in to assist in facilitating in different activities. The wilderness adventure includes education of outdoor recreation including how to build a fire, filter water, read a map, hang food, and education on specific facilitated activities such as mountain biking skills, safety, trail etiquette, etc.

Live Adventurously is named after the award-winning film based off of the 2015 Women's Adventure Giveaway program created and founded by Danielle and Kate Nolan, owners of outdoor adventure company, DNK Presents. See the trailer below and learn more about the film on this website. 

Our Mission

Live Adventurously is a 501(c)3 that empowers women to become the best version of themselves and improve mental, physical and emotional health and wellness through outdoor experiences.

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Watch the entire film now on You Tube, Vimeo or IndieFlix!

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